Chinese treasures

Chinese Treasures casino game from RedTiger Gaming

It has a theme that is closely related to the traditions and myths of the Chinese people. It is a medium variance slot that offers regular payouts in between spins. However, players must exercise patience to win the big prize. Nevertheless, this game is perfect for players of all skill levels. If you would like to try this slot game for yourself, you can visit the casino website to learn more.

The Chinese mountains are the backdrop in this game. They are dotted with temples and deep valleys. There are also lanterns scattered around the landscape. The theme is red, which is the traditional color in the Chinese culture. However, the symbols in Chinese Treasures are familiar, as the game uses gold and red to represent different types of treasures. The symbols are also depicted in a stylish calligraphic style. As such, Chinese Treasures is an excellent option for players who enjoy a traditional theme.

Players can win big money when they play Chinese Treasures. It has a progressive jackpot with no upper limit. Once you win, you will be awarded the amount displayed on the jackpot counter. The jackpot can be won by landing 3 or more wild symbols. The game also has a scatter feature to help players win additional prizes. There are other features that make this slot a good choice for any casino. Its jackpots are not only high, but they also come with a lot of bonuses.