Emerald diamond

Emerald diamond – RedTiger Gaming

An emerald cut diamond is one of the most unique shapes available. In addition to being beautiful, emeralds are also the most expensive diamonds to cut. Emerald diamonds have higher color and clarity requirements than round diamonds, and their cut is much more difficult to achieve. However, the increased cost is offset by the higher quality of the stone. Here’s a look at some characteristics of an emerald diamond and how to get one for yourself.

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When buying a emerald cut diamond, make sure to check the length-width ratio. This determines whether the diamond will be rectangular or square. The ideal ratio depends on your personal preferences. Gemologists recommend a ratio between 1.45 and 1.55. If you prefer a thin and long cut, a ratio of 1.6 is ideal. However, if you prefer a square cut, you may want to consider a ratio of 1.3.