Among all casino games in Las Vegas, Excalibur is known as one of the most popular. The reason behind its popularity may be attributed to the number of games that can be played in one single casino, as well as the fact that it’s one of those games that can be won within minutes, with very little or no time for preparation. According to a news source, Excalibur boasts nine tables of six: 5 “brush”, 2 tables of Spanish Blackjack, and twenty-one tables of three: 2 “brush” blackjack. The minimum bets range from five to twenty-five, depending on the table, time of day, and day of the week. Of note, on any table where more money is at stake than is comfortable with, the losing player is required to leave immediately and go outside.

The location of Excalibur is located just near the Paris Las Vegas Hotel and Casino. For reasons of both safety and convenience, Excalibur is set far back from the doorways of the hotel, which are near some of the most precious and dangerous targets in the world, namely, the Eiffel Tower, the Leaning Tower of Paris, and the Tower Bridge of Paris. A news report stated that Excalibur was placed there by choice, since the doors are too close to the Paris gym and swimming pool, which are popular targets for armed criminals, and are also known to have been used by terrorists, should a terrorist act occur in Paris or in any of France’s many neighboring countries. This may indeed be the last resort of an ex-armsman turned Hollywood star, but with the current climate in Hollywood, it may well be the only thing that stops him from taking his gun out and shooting those bad guys.

Another reason for the placement of Excalibur was to lure people into the Las Vegas strip through its “beach and oceanfront restaurants”. While most of the restaurants and the hotels are on The Strip, Excalibur was placed a little farther east, right next to the Tropicana. The drive time for those who want to gamble or go bowling into the Excalibur casino is approximately an hour, or around half an hour, depending on how congested the strip gets during the night. It is not known why Excalibur was placed so close to the Tropicana or not, but if its appearance on the strip was one of your major reasons for wanting to gamble at Excalibur, you’ll be disappointed with your visit.