In the forest

The forest is a peaceful place with a mission to help those in need. In the forest will carry you somewhere in the middle of wilderness, where danger lurks just around every turn. The online slot games offer 5 reels with 20 payout lines where in you will get such icons as the game s hero, truck, hatchet, satellite phone, bicycle, cross bow, shotgun and also the icon that say hey, I’m a criminal. There are also icons that says Hey! Look at Me, I’m a felon and Hey! I’m a crook.

These icons say that you are going to win big when you pull the lever and release the button that will release a number of jackpots that will accumulate to a grand total amount equivalent to the number of coins in your pocket multiplied by five hundred. This game is really tough because the house advantage is very high in the online casino games. It means that you have a high chance of winning when you play this game and if you hit a jackpot, then you will have to double your money and you still have not spent it in the real money game in the casino. This can be attributed to the house advantage that you have in the online slot machine games.

When you play In the Forest, you should set your control as per the paytable that is indicated on the spin reel icon. In the spin reel control should be set as per the icons that indicate whether you are going to play the tree machine for a single spin, double spin, triple spin or four or more spins. You should also consider the paytable and whether it gives you more chances to win. If there is no indication on the paytable, then the paytable is based on a number generator and can fluctuate from time to time. The aim of playing this slot machine is to win and the payout percentages are based on the number of people that play in an hour.