Pontoon, sometimes known as Black Jack, is an ingenious hand consisting of aces and a seven card value card. Blackjack, also known as Royal Flush, is played with two decks of cards – one deck containing the “normal” cards, and the other deck containing the special “special” cards that are dealt from the discard pile. For the players, each player contributes a certain amount of coins to the pot each time they call a match (matching the same color), such as when making a raise from the flop. Pontoon, like most casino games, revolves around strategy rather than luck.

The first round of betting begins by having each player sees the flop and prepare to call. The dealer then places the “real” cards (the full house) in front of the players and says “call” or “raise”. Once again, the players may choose to match either number or may fold, depending on how certain cards are being dealt. Once all players have called, the dealer then deals out three “regular” cards to each side and another five “special” cards to the middle of the table, making sure that each team has at least two “regular” cards face up on their side of the table. The “special” cards are placed in a specially marked area on the table, making it easy for the players to identify them.

After the initial round of betting, the banker will deal three piles of cards face down into two teams of three, and then start the game by dealing out seven cards to each team. Players can use any combination of seven cards that they have to make their bids. As each player makes his or her bid, the banker will shuffle the deck and deal out another three cards, making way for the new round of bidding. This process goes on until only one team remains, and the winning team becomes the winner.