Zany zebra

Zany Zebra has become one of the most popular icons associated with casino games and also one of the best-known symbols used in designing casino games. The Zany Zebra theme is inspired by the world of circus and also the world of exotic animals. Zany Zebra’s website contains numerous images that feature the different animals that are found on the actual theme. In this way, the casino games are designed so that they have the correct representation of the animals. To be able to gain access to all the games and to get started with them, all you need to do is to register with your chosen online casino.

Zany Zebra signs up is a great classic slot machine and so it comes with many symbols usually related to the casino theme. Here you can find Bells, Sevens, Bar logos, and the famous Zebra symbol. The Zebra is completely unique to this machine and as such it acts as a wild animal able to cross over any other icon on the payline. It is recommended to play with the Zebra if you want to win real money in these casino games since its reels act like all other reels and the icons on its reels are the same as those on other slots machines.

As mentioned above, the name ‘Zany Zebra’ is based on the Wild symbol from the zebra family. This means that the reels do have many Wild symbols on them. There are however more symbols that can be found on Zany Zebra slots reels. These symbols come in combinations which result in winning combinations symbols. For instance, a black four-reel machine is themed with a black and white checkered Wild symbol.